Following data pertaining to an application is to be considered to decide which model to use.
  • 1) Description of application, purpose to be achieved and details of problem/s to be overcome
  • 2) For flow promotion applications :
    • • Dimensioned drawing of the equipment, i.e. feed track / chute / duct / bin / hopper with its MOC; detailed description of material if unit material then item size, shape, weight, etc.
    • • If bulk material then particle size & shape, density, %age moisture / oil / solvent, temperature, its nature, i.e. free or non-free flowing / sticky / hygroscopic / spongy / compacting / fibrous / entangling.
    • •  Problem description, i.e. whether choking / bridging / funneling / clinging with a sketch of equipment showing stuck material.
  • 3) For driving vibratory machines like small screens, vibro tables :
    • • Dimensioned drawing of machine showing its suspension arrangement with and payload data
    • • Vibration amplitude and frequency ranges suited to carry out process efficiently. Please furnish above data to avail our services for selection without any obligation.