Principle of Operation :
"Sinex ball vibrators are essentially ingenious inversion of well known "Peristaltic" pump. Here fluid drives a rotor, compressed air spinning a ball at high speed, which produces "Centrifugal Force", a rotating vector, to impart vibrations to the object on which vibrator is mounted.

Applications :
Applications are numerous, some of which are :
  •  •Unlocking bottles, cans, caps and similar objects on or in their conveyors, tracks and feed cages.
  •  • Vibrating funnels to hasten material transfer in to narrow necked pharma & cosmetic containers.
  •  • Dislodge sticking & clinging material, a necessity in weigh hoppers and bagging / packing machines.
  •  • Imparting vibrations to moulds & containers for material compaction, densification and settling.
  •  • Promoting material flow down the feed chutes, ducts, small bins & hoppers by aiding gravity.
  •  • Driving small screens for separation & grading and vibratory test & material settling / densification tables.
  •  • And many others that one's ingenuity can visualize.