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Electric Motor Vibrators, Material Handling Equipments, Unbalanced Weight Motor Vibrator, Vibration Motor, Mumbai, India


Features of 'Sinex' Unbalance Weight Motor Vibrators :

Sinex Primemovers offer based on their decade long experience, of totally indigenous development and manufacture of 
Unbalance Weight motor Vibrators, its new range packed with features simply unrivaled by any.

Unbalance Weight Motor Vibrators, Electric Motor Vibrators, Material Handling Equipments, Mumbai, India

  Optimized design for efficient and fullest conversion of rated electrical in put into vibration power 
  Increased centrifugal force values and greater spread all across the range. 
  High ratio of centrifugal force to machine weight, a feature of great value for mechanical stability of driven machinery. 
  High ratio of force to overall size representing most compact design 
  Path breaking finned construction for highly enhanced heat dissipation, to the extent of 1000 %, giving Sinex motor vibrators
   an unmatched electrical overload capacity. 
  Thoroughly done product design for low cost manufacturing benefits of which being passed on to customers, making Sinex
    most competitive amongst motor vibrators of ' their class of quality '. 
  Sturdy yet light frame constructed in shock resistant ductile metals of most appropriate grades duly heat treated and
   seasoned for strength and geometrical stability. 
  Large holes for easy lifting, shifting and installation 
  Top mounted integrally cast terminal box with resin bonded connection post for vibration proofness. Well gasketed sturdy
    lid protects against dust, dirt, moisture and humidity. 
  Positively held into frame a vibration proof stator having deep immersion / vacuum impregnated winding with minimum
   class 'F' insulation materials to suit up to 60'C ambient. 
  Largest feasible shaft made out of appropriate grade alloy steel for strength and minimum  deflection. 
  Heavy duty bearings only of appropriate types for Iong life and maintenance free working. 
  Innovative facility for bearing lubrication, scavenging used grease and replenishing new, without shutdowns and machine
   dismantling thereby resulting in easy and hence assured servicing for enhanced bearing lives. 
  'V' seals on shaft extensions to protect bearings, over and above that done by unbalance weight covers, in very highly dusty,
   dirty and humid surroundings. 
  Reshaped unbalance weight for optimum usage of mass, incorporating clamping arrangement for safety with easy adjustability. 
  Standard sheet metal covers for unbalance weights with tight and positive rubber sealing rings on bearing housing for 
   IP 56 protection. 

And Several Options Like : 
  Thermistors for size EMV-5 and above ; 
  Cast aluminium unbalance weight covers for IP 65 protection 
  Power supply 50 or 60 Hz, up to 650 V and 3 phase ; 
  Single phase up to size EMV-3 ; 
  Short time rated machines ; 
  Besides foot, other mounting styles - flange, wedge, oscillating base etc. 
  Pole changing 2 speed vibrators.

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