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Selection For Equipment Employing Large Amplitudes:

  Here selection involves deciding on type of vibrations required to carry out process, number of vibrators to be used and their placement on driven machinery.

a) Vibration Types :
Could be Circular or elliptical or rectilinear or torsion. Adjoining Table-3 explains how different vibrations are obtained by different placement of vibrators vis--vis the machine. 

This would help users decide on number and location/s of vibrator/s on driven machinery so as to obtain most suitable vibrators to accomplish a process. 


b) Choice of Vibration Frequency, Amplitude and Acceleration: 
These are again decided by the process to be carried out. The Table-4 bellow shall provide a valuable guidance for deciding at least a range of these parameters. 

As a thumb rule; (I) for small and light equipment weighing 15-150 Kgs requiring up to 3 mm amplitude it could be 50 Hz, (ii) for medium sized in 50-500 Kgs weight range requiring upto 6 mm amplitude it could be 25 Hz and (iii) relatively large and heavy equipment weighing 400-4000 Kgs with amplitudes up to 12 mm it could be 16 Hz. Frequencies could be still lower for heavier machines having longer strokes. 

c) Vibrator Sizing:
Upon having determined (I) peak to peak amplitude ('A' in mm), (ii) total live & dead mass including estimated weight of vibro motors/s to be used( 'W' in Kg. s), (iii) vibration frequency/ rpm ('N' per minute) and (iv) number of vibro motors used to drive ('n'). 

d) Vibration isolation Suspension Design
A very important part of vibration machinery and having great bearing on its efficient working is the suspension. It should allow free oscillations and prevent harmful transmission of vibrations to the surrounding. Generally 95% isolation is satisfactory in industrial environment and can be obtained by using resilient mounting having following static deflection 'd' under the weight of vibrating parts. 

I) 3000 rpm synch. speed - 2.5 mm
ii) 1500 rpm synch. speed - 10 mm
III) 1000 rpm synch. speed - 22.5 mm
iv) 750 rpm synch. speed - 40 mm 

In the Event any assistance is required from us, Sinex Primemovers, in selecting suitable vibro motor/s to drive machinery, please furnish details of your applications such as (i) live & dead weight to be vibrated (ii) amplitude desired, (iii) frequency most suited for the process, (iv) damping factor present (v) purpose to be achieved, (vi) material details etc. along with a drawing / sketch of machine / systems to enable us work out and submit optimum recommendation.


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